Visit the first Open houses

On Saturday, April 23rd over 150 people visited nine Open houses in Levittown, NY designed and executed by architects, designers and artists in collaboration with the homeowners. Services were available, and over $1500 was raised by the homeowners.

By bus from Studio-X New York
Buses to Levittown departed from Studio-X New York at 1:00 pm and departed from Levittown at 6:00 pm, returning visitors to Studio-X New York. Lunch was provided on the bus.

Public transportation
Visitors could the train to Hicksville station and get picked up by shuttle bus to Levittown.



Block Pantry
by Janette Kim and Erik Carver
with Gabriel Fries-Briggs

Block Pantry is a collective cupboard that encourages homeowners, tenants, and neighbors to trade goods for services. Those who would rather not cook can drop off fresh groceries in exchange for hot meals prepared others such as retired Levittowners. As the pantry slides from one dwelling to another, groceries are distributed into kitchens and home-cooked meals are delivered to neighbors. Neighborhood boundaries thus adapt to match contemporary domestic arrangements. For today’s suburbia, mealtime just got easier.

CNC cut in Brooklyn by Kontraptioneering.


Bio Image

Janette Kim is an architectural designer and educator based in New York City. She is principal of All of the Above, an architectural research and design practice, and teaches at Barnard College and Columbia University GSAPP, where she is director of the Urban Landscape Lab. Kim holds a Masters of Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University.
Erik Carver is an architectural designer based in New York.  He designs mostly residences and exhibits in art and architecture venues. Erik has taught at schools including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Ohio State University.  He received a BA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego and M. Arch from Princeton.  He and Janette Kim were awarded the Van Alen Institute’s Spring 2010 New York Prize for their project Underdome.


29 Winding Ln


  • 29 Winding Ln (before)
  • Homeowner Anita Thompson (before)
  • Open house #2. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Open house #2. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Open house #2. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Open house #2. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Open house #2. Photo by Naho Kubota.