Visit the first Open houses

On Saturday, April 23rd over 150 people visited nine Open houses in Levittown, NY designed and executed by architects, designers and artists in collaboration with the homeowners. Services were available, and over $1500 was raised by the homeowners.

By bus from Studio-X New York
Buses to Levittown departed from Studio-X New York at 1:00 pm and departed from Levittown at 6:00 pm, returning visitors to Studio-X New York. Lunch was provided on the bus.

Public transportation
Visitors could the train to Hicksville station and get picked up by shuttle bus to Levittown.



Domesticity Museum
by Fake Industries Architectural Agonism
(Urtzi Grau & Cristina Goberna)

The loss of real estate value implicit in the housing foreclosure crisis has sped up the possible extinction of the suburbs. By converting their home into a museum, the homeowners can preserve a way of life that is threatened, subsidized by entrance fees paid by the public. Visit Domesticity Museum to gain appreciation for the suburban promise of a good life.


Bio Image

Cristina Goberna is principal of Fake Industries Architectural Agonism. She graduated from the School of Architecture of Sevilla in 2001, and from the Independent Study Program at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona in 2006. As a Fulbright Fellow she was awarded a Ms in Advance Architectural Design in 2007 and an Advance Architectural Research Certificate in 2008 by the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation of Columbia University. She is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture of Barcelona. She was a member of the committee and jury of the Architectural League of New York 2010 Young Architects Prize and she is currently a visiting scholar at the NYU Institute of Fine Arts, the curator and coordinator of Van Alen Books at Van Alen Institute and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation of Columbia University.

Urtzi Grau is principal of Fake Industries. He graduated from the School of Architecture of Barcelona in 2000, was awarded Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design by the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University in 2004, and is currently completing his Ph.D. at Princeton University School of Architecture on the 1970’s urban renewal of Barcelona. His work and writings have been published in different international journals as 306090, Architect’s Newspaper, Domus, Pasajes de Arquitectura y Critica, Pidgin, Volume, Via Arquitectura or Visions.


2910 Carlyle Rd


  • 2910 Carlyle Rd (before)
  • Homeowners Lisa and Leo Vanderberg.
  • Open house #3.
  • Open house #3.
  • Open house #3.
  • The museum shop at Open house #3.