Visit the first Open houses

On Saturday, April 23rd over 150 people visited nine Open houses in Levittown, NY designed and executed by architects, designers and artists in collaboration with the homeowners. Services were available, and over $1500 was raised by the homeowners.

By bus from Studio-X New York
Buses to Levittown departed from Studio-X New York at 1:00 pm and departed from Levittown at 6:00 pm, returning visitors to Studio-X New York. Lunch was provided on the bus.

Public transportation
Visitors could the train to Hicksville station and get picked up by shuttle bus to Levittown.



Attention Clinic
by Claudia Linders

Since attention takes time and time costs money, attention can be commercialized. As traditional family units are disintegrating, attention from family is increasingly scarce. Attention Clinic offers quality time with each member of the family, giving visitors an ordinary experience, be it grandfatherly advice or the everyday argument. Addressing the immaterial dimension of the service economy, Attention Clinic, a homage to the Monty Python Argument Clinic (1978), is the next step after the psychic, image coach and life-style advisor, reduced to its essence: just attention.


Bio Image

Claudia Linders [NL] is principal of Bureau Claudia Linders, a studio for interdisciplinary research and design. She received her degree Masters of Architecture from the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Planning. Claudia Linders is involved in project and concept development, crossing the borders of the architectural domain and the fringes of art in public space and design. Recent clients and partners include Droog, Museum de Paviljoens, 7X11, Heden, Ymere, NEXT architects, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Sandberg Institute and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Claudia Linders is head of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department at The Royal Academy of Art and curates the interdisciplinary design studies at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. She was a member of the Eindhoven Art Council and is member of the Amsterdam Amenities Committee for art in public space.


39 Old Oak Ln


  • Polly Dwyer in front of her house. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Polly Dwyer in front of her house. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Open house #6. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Visitors in the waiting room of Open house #6. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • A listening ear at Open house #6. Photo by Naho Kubota.
  • Reliable advice at Open house #6.
  • A hug at Open house #6.